Rhema Egypt Vision



We exist as a vital extension of the mandate given to Kenneth E. Hagin in 1950 to ‘go and teach my people faith’ and help usher in the last great move of God’s Spirit and the return of Jesus.


By training leaders who go forth with a pioneering spirit we are raising up a new breed of believer who demonstrate extravagant love, a ‘spirit of faith’, and the power of God while perusing the lost hearts of the Arabic speaking world.


By the year 2020 we will:

  • Equip 5000 relevant, intentional and legacy minded leaders who exhibit extravagant love, a ‘spirit of faith’, the power of the Spirit, and a passion for the lost.
  • See 100 life-giving churches pioneered by our graduates.
  • See 500 ‘missionaries’ working among the least-reached Arabic speaking people groups.

Establish a relational and strategic alliance of like-minded ministry friends who ‘band together’ to strengthen each other and greatly influence their nation in line with God’s purposes.