Bible School

rhema-egypt-training-01Are you hungry to know God more?

Do you desire a greater understanding of His Word?

Do you want to train and prepare to follow God’s call on your life?

Rhema Bible Training Centre Egypt is continuing to accept applications for 2015!

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RBTC is a part-time Bible School program providing ministry training that will equip you with both the spiritual and the practical tools needed to be effective in life and in your ministry calling.

Through a balanced, Bible-based curriculum students are taught how to apply the principles of God’s Word, for their personal lives, and also to fulfil their divine destiny.

Who can attend RBTC?

The simple answer is: anyone who wants to grow in God and in understanding of the Bible. The program also will train and equip those who are called to full time ministry or those who want to be better equipped to support others.

So whether your desire is to grow in understanding of God’s Word, or prepare for ministry, RBTC is for you

Training time is never wasted time! No matter if you’re just getting started, or if you’ve been in ministry for several years, RBTC will enable you to be much more effective in your ministry.

Practical, not Intellectual

It has been said that 80% of what is taught in most Bible schools and seminaries is not useable in every day life and ministry. Rhema has decided that is should focus on what is most useable, providing very practical training and teaching.

What is the difference between a Bible College, a Bible School and a Bible Training Centre?

Most people associate a Bible College with theology and lots of intellectual study of the Bible. A Bible School may be seen as something similar. However a Bible Training Centre is a place of equipping and sending.

It is not our focus just to fill you with theology, although you certainly will learn a lot about the Bible at RBTC. As a Training Centre we will also equip you with practical, hands on training on how to follow God’s plan for your life and fulfil your calling.

You will be trained in how to apply the Bible to your everyday life, as well as ministry. Through your time here you will grow spiritually and develop in your relationship with God, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the Bible

Through the integrity of God’s Word and the Power of the Spirit, as well as very practical hands on training, we are equipping highly skilled labourers for the global harvest of this generation.

So if you are…

  • Called to full-time preaching/teaching ministry
  • In ministry but feel you lack the tools needed to fulfill your call
  • Hungry for the Word and desire to know how to better serve your church
  • Desire to study at a Bible College, but want more than just theology

Then RBTC is for you!

Our Purpose

  • Establish the Saved through a solid foundation in the Word of God.
  • Train the Established through practical training in Word and Spirit.
  • Send out the Trained and support them in their place within the Body of Christ.