rhema-bible-college-egyptWhat is RHEMA Bible Training Centre (RBTC)?
Since 1974, when the first RHEMA Bible Training Centre (RBTC) was launched in the USA, RHEMA remains steadfast in carrying out God’s purpose of empowering Christians to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. With over 225 campuses worldwide, the sun never sets on RHEMA graduates, as they minister around the world, in the pulpit, on the mission field, in the marketplace, or as active believers supporting God’s work in local churches.

From its inception, RBTC has focused on teaching both the practical and spiritual sides of Christian service. During the past four decades, RHEMA has trained more than 73,000 men and women internationally, who work worldwide in ministry—men and women who are changing the world for Jesus Christ. RHEMA has accomplished this through a balanced, Bible-based curriculum that emphasizes both the practical skills and spiritual disciplines.

The spiritual side of RBTC:
Learn to rightly divide the Word of Truth; recognize, follow and flow with the Holy Spirit; discover your destiny; be trained and equipped to fulfill God’s call.

The practical side of RBTC:
Become a skilled labourer who is effective in the end-time harvest; practice what you’ve been taught so you are useful to God; grow in godly character and discipline, practical application in your local church.

RBTC will ground you in the Word of God and equip you with the practical skills and spiritual disciplines, needed to be successful in life and ministry. Wherever your purpose takes you, RBTC will prepare you to live victoriously and minister effectively.